What’s been happening in my life recently

I got hired at Western Illinois University as a visiting assistant professor and I’ll start my job mid August.

I defended my PhD and it was fun. So not a student anymore.

Our band, Nava, had a performance at the art museum for the “star party” and it was a success. There is a Japanese celebration of stars called tanabata, which is held on July 7th yearly.

I came to Macomb, IL to rent a place, and now I have a home to live in.

I went to a conference on zeta function on graphs in Sundance, UT and learned so much about this very interesting subject, and met some really good people.

I went to a workshop on mathematical neuroscience (applied discrete mathematics) in Snowbird, UT and got started on some really interesting problems.

In a couple months I’m going to a workshop in Minneapolis, MN on probabilistic methods and extremal combinatorics. I’m so excited about it.

Last, but not least, we celebrated Wyoming becoming a state, on Laramie jubilee days with a lot of music, cowboy swing dance, and beer.


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