My job

Last year was hard. I was looking for jobs and it was stressful. I finally got an offer from a computer gaming company. I think they mostly produce gambling games. The job is alright. The pay is not great, but it pays the bills. No, I don’t code there, that’s what everyone assumes based on my field. I don’t design algorithms or puzzles either. I have to drive quite a bit though. That’s basically my job. I drive from a client to another client; from this stop to that stop. It’s both boring and challenging at times.

The drive is a little weird though. Most of the roads are very straight and I have to drive with a constant speed, usually 65mph. That’s the speed limit. The clients sit on the sides of the road waiting for me to arrive. They usually sit up high though, usually on the electric wires along the left side of the road. As I drive by, they jump down and try to pass in front of the car as closely as possible while flying very close to the road. I think the closer they pass the higher score they get. The challenge is I don’t know if I’m supposed to hit them or avoid them. Poor birds, I don’t want to hit them. So, I just drive with my constant speed. I wonder if they gamble with each other or not, I mean the clients. At times several of them jump together, some get scared and back up, some pass very closely and some fly way up. I don’t think you’d get any score if you back up or fly too high. Who knows, I try not to get into details of the games if they’re not related to me. I’d rather do a good job on things that I’m responsible for, and go home at night, get a pizza and a beer, and spend the night on Netflix watching American Dad.

I think that actually helped; I mean not being nosey and doing only my own job. I got promoted last week. I will be driving in snowy and mountainous roads with various speeds. There’s not much snow there yet, so I’ve got a couple of months off. I’m actually in training. It was free, so I took it. I’m driving in mountains but there isn’t any snow. So it’s a good start to get used to a new environment. The roads are winding, and I’m either heading up to an apex or down to an abyss. It’s fun, the speeds vary a lot, and that makes it more challenging. The pay is slightly better and they got me a fancy health insurance, which is nice. Specially in this era that no one knows what will happen the next day. What if someone just comes out of nowhere and shoot me? Sure I could run them over, but I still might get hurt, and then I’ll have to pay for the hospital and all that shit. So, a good insurance is a big plus.

There are several types of clients though. So far I’ve had dogs, elk, moose, deer, antelope and sometimes seagulls! Yes, seagulls in the mountains. The only other birds are some magpies. I think they’re called black-billed magpies, which seems like they’re cycling with those white tips on their wings. Of course there are tons of swallows and bald eagles, and herons, but they don’t play this game that I’m in. On the other hand, I get any type of insects you can think of on the wind shield.

Today something new happened. One of the clients, came out of nowhere and kissed me on my left ear. I was driving the car with a constant speed of 65mph, as a habit. I like the new challenge, but the old habits die hard, so I was still driving 65mph. Any ways, he was young and to the habit of young French gentlemen he suddenly appeared and kissed me on my ear. I was driving of course and the young deer had to synchronize it well to be able to reach me on time, while running perpendicular to the road. It was amazing. With his kiss “I heard the sounds of mandolins”. It seems like with his kiss “my life began”. I opened my eyes in a hospital. They told me they might total the car. I had a friend pick me up after the hospital let me go, and then I was on phone with the insurance company, the entire day for two days. It all worked out, I’m doing fine and the car is being repaired in the body shop.

It’s a new life for me now. I don’t work at the gaming company any more. I don’t drive cars any more. It’s a new start.


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