sftp stories

When I was at WIU I had this website on their server that I had to maintain through their sftp server. It’s been a while I have forgotten how to connect to do it. So, I am rediscovering it step by step, and here is a map for later!

  1. Connect to their VPN:
    1. Currently they use a cisco vpn client (Cisco AnyConnect Security Mobility Client Version 3.1.12020 Copyright (c) 2004 – 2015 Cisco Systems).
    2. Connect to vpn.wiu.edu with ECom username and password
  2. Connect to sftp server:
    1. In a file browser type: sftp://sftp.wiu.edu
      Here I get the following error:

      Oops! Something went wrong.
      Unhandled error message: SSH program unexpectedly exited
    2. A google search tells me that it might be due my IP not being in a whitelist that the server uses. It is a little weird if that is the case, sice I’m connected to their vpn and I should be assigned a local IP address. I’ve contacted them to see what the case is.
    3. It turns out that they had restricted my user since I’m not a faculty member any more. But I got access for a week to update my page to link to my current page. The above command worked.

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