A long while is passed since the last time that I let the tea completely brew before I pour it and start drinking it while it is still close to 100°C. I did it today again. I was thinking about almost seven years ago that I was busy, that I was stressed, that I didn’t know what’s happening, that I had decided to let go, and I did. Then one summer day that I was flying to Cyprus for an interview in the US embassy I missed my flight, the flight that I had rescheduled to an earlier day so that I won’t be late. I missed it and I lost all the confidence that I had gathered in myself, for the interview, for the travels, for the move, for life. Things worked out well eventually. They had to. Missing that flight ended in me finding a good friend, Farhang, that unfortunately I haven’t seen him since then, but later on he told me that first when he saw me and heard my story of missing my flight, he thought that I’m just a wealthy guy who doesn’t have much to do in his life and just giving it a try for the heck of it, and didn’t care enough to be on time for the flight.

Today, I’m sitting here and sipping on my cup of tea that I had enough time to let it brew to a perfection. I can do this because I missed my appointment for a US visa interview again. This morning I got up and my phone reminded me that I had an interview a couple of hours ago. So, I decided to make a good tea, and enjoy drinking it. I guess if I tell the story of today to Farhang, he’ll probably tell me to take some rest. That’s what I’m doing.


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