Two New Movies

I recently went to a couple of screening which made me really happy.

C6aJXKZWgAIgoxQFirst film was “gifted“, the story of a first grader who has a special talent in mathematics and people struggle making a decision between letting her to be an ordinary kid, or coaching her hard to become one of the greatest mathematicians of history. Though the story is somewhat beefed up to become a holywood movie, it shows some of the aspects of the life very nicely. The movie overall was made well, and very much recommended. Gifted will be coming to US theatres on April 7 and Canada theatres on April 12.

Trailer: GIFTED


Screenshot at 2017-04-05 12-32-49.pngThe second movie was “codegirl“, more of a documentary about groups of high school girls attacking real life problems in their communities by developing mobile apps. The first scene is a quote from Justin Wolfers, an economist and public policy scholar:


The movie opens in a small town in Moldova, showing the problems with clean drinking water. The movie goes on to show some of the teams’ early progresses, their struggles, and the emotional moments when a team advances to the next level or gets eliminated. The contrast of types of problems each team has to deal with depending on where they’re from is shown very clearly and beautifully in the movie. The final scenes announcing what some of the teams (eliminated or otherwise) are doing with their projects is particularly inspiring. Highly recommended.



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